As we all know the story behind this perfume and as you can see by the photos…we did not manage to get a Grey Aston Martin for this shoot, so we are very sorry about that.

Now, jokes aside…what can we tell you about M from the house of Puredistance master perfumes ? Frankly, just great things.

A fragrance is like a cat burglar in your brain, it has the key with which to pick the lock and unleash your memories.

Roja Dove

This is possibly one of the best leather scents that we have in our collection, if not THE best. Also, this is one of the just few perfumes that we have that needs only 1 spray to shine properly (thank you skin). Do two sprays and you become a menace and if you dare to do three or more, forget it…you and the ones around you are in a world of trouble.

Hear us out

this is subjective…but on a personal experience, i witnessed the power of it all. Hear me out… I remember few years ago going with Le wife to see the opera “La Traviata” in the main opera house in Ljubljana, dressed up and all, it was the perfect time to shine with this fragrance, silly me, i went ahead and landed one spray in the front of the neck, one in the back of it, and one in each wrist so lemme tell you this…on our way there…i was about to turn back home and shower it out cuz it was too much (amazing smell nonetheless but you get the point) and at the same time, it was a wakeup call or a realization if you will. Sometimes, lil goes a long way and with M its just that…go easy on the trigger, you will love it and people around you will love it as well.

Because It is hard not to like this aroma perfection, specially during the cold winter in an evening out…when the leather mixed with the most beautiful cinnamon note available out there, that wouldn’t be that grandiose without the clove accord and sublime musky vanilla of course (at times seems to be some florals involved as well but to our nose, not a lot)

We love this thing…and for the ones that haven’t tried it yet….go on, dress up and feel it…just like half of the people at the Opera house.


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