I’ve been sitting under a beach umbrella sheltering from the sun for a good half an hour trying to describe Histoires de parfums 1828 and how i feel about it, so here it goes.

It truly pays a homage to that adventurous spirit, to the exploration and discovery, of one’s life .


To begin with, i dont get the ” get lost in an adventure in a big ship while sailing the vast seas while carrying chests full of spices” kind of thing, but what do i know. Maybe Mr. Jules Verne smelled like that, divine, like this magnificent scent…because it is THAT GOOD ladies and gents.

Truth to be told peeps, 1828 is something i imagine Indiana Jones wearing while messing around in the Amazon jungle. Rough cotton Olive green polo shirt, sleeves rolled up and sand color cargo pants, as crazy as it sounds, this juice can make you imagine some adventurous scenarios…What a stunning smell.

Also, i tend reach this fragrance more often than not, more than any of the other bottles we have to spoil our senses with, but to be clear, its not the best, its just incredibly necessary…i went from loving this thing to not imagine myself not having it…you get the idea.

Citruses followed by a beautiful eucalyptus note…pine needle kind of aroma and some spicy kick…to my nose tho, i also get a lil of that incense surrounding a juicy ripped orange and woodsy vetiver at the end of it all and if you care about performance, this is a stellar performer…amazing, gentle, masculine feminine “whateverine” perfume…go and try it if you haven’t already….feel like i do or like you will…maybe lucky like Jules or go full Indiana.


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