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Paradise at home,

Today, the awakening was to a dark and moody morning. Some rain has fallen the past night and bunch of lightnings were interrupting the always needed quality sleep. At 07AM, eyes were open and outside was pretty darn fresh, ok fine, it was cold. Super weird considering that it’s the middle of the European summer, but to hell with it, it is what it is. 

Open it, take a whiff and there it is….Caribe in a bottle.


Things were going normal, coffee, chat with the wife, walk the dog, planning some work, the usual stuff. Three hours passed and we suddenly realized that the weather changed…sun was shining, heat started to be noticed and le wife went to spray a bit of Creed’s Virgin Island Water and BAM!..That was it!

I took the Bose bluetooth speaker, connected the phone to it and i knew exactly what to play…Bim Bom from Astrud Gilberto…we play that stuff on repeat mode…and Holy moly! the smell of that fragrance mixed with that song…ufff we cut some pineapple, some limes, shredded some coconut and made some Piña Colada, for the photo shoot (Lies…we knew we were gonna drink it) and for a while, we forgot we were in Slovenia. For a good hour, we were transported to whatever tropical destination you wanna think of…the aromas of sweet lime, freshly shredded Coconut, sneaky hints of something like CaptainMorgan, some Ginger and Sugar Cane…Good gawd, this is good stuff…Creed’s stuff…this thing makes you forget you are a regular individual.

Spray this stuff and become a tropicalesque citizen of the seas, an island ambassador, Caribbean persona, you name it. But, not everything is perfect….after an hour of shooting…another hour to have lunch and photo editing for dessert…the precious sun went became cloudy…thunders are heard,.it’s humid and it seems that a storm is coming but one thing is still here…as we are writing this “feel/review” VIW is still pumping…cuz yeah, we belong to the group of peeps that this juice last a good amount…probably 5/6 hour territory…lucky us indeed.

Anyways, that’s it..we’ll be here, waiting for the storm and ready to welcome that vanilla and florals from that amazing dry down…to bring the last traces of Caribbean to home….to us and still singing Astrud….BimBom

– D & M –

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