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The fig situation

If the Amalfi coast smells like this…then we dont know what we are doing living in the wrong country. At least during the summer tho.

Anyways…lets leave the exaggerations aside and lets focus.

This fragrance got us by surprise…(more to Le wife tho…truth is, she was going nuts looking for some fresh and invigorating fig scent….she had fall in love with a bottle of Annicke Goutal’s Ninfeo mio and damn she was right that was a very lovely aroma. She didnt know she loved fig fragrances tho, bofore that, we have ordered few samples which amongst them were the famous philosykos by Diptyque and the infamous Pulp from the house of Byredo…none of them were a match to her nose…so we figured that the note she was seeking was the fig leaf and not the fruit.

So we came across to a variety of Acqua di Parma’s offering and yeah…love at first sniff. Better than Ninfeo mio…way better, but weaker in performance…which is not a big problem if you get the big 150ml bottle and spray it at will.

“All things in moderation, nothing in excess”

(Says no one ever when a great scent shows up )


Now if we get to the note pandemonium, to our nose (yes, to both of us)…we get the freshest blast of citrus and fig leaves…as it dries down to some soft and beautiful peppery jasmine and hints of cedar too…very vey little of the last one mentioned tho.

So yeah….in conclusion we just gonna pretend that Amalfi coast smells like that…and we should reconsider our geographic choices to live in, at least during the Slovenian Summer.

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