Oriental Woody / Fall-Spring / Masculine

Ol’ blue eyes

This is a class act fragrance…a bit old school blended with modernity i would say.
Barbershop scent they call it…don’t know about that to be honest. I haven’t been in any barbershop here is Slovenia that you walk out after a grooming session smelling like you are ready to take over life…but that is another topic.

Lots of people find Bois du Portugal by the house of Creed to be “ad hoc” for a mature galant…that it isn’t for the young stud, but lemme tell ya….they are kind of right…to my nose and to pull this off, you gotta believe it…you gotta feel the ” Watch out, cuz im fierce and ready to win” type of feel..and I’m not saying that if you are 15 you shouldn’t wear it…but if you do, you will probably end up placing bets among the old veteran high rollers from your town, teaching grandpa some dice throwing tricks and replacing your bmx for a 1955 Ford Thunderbird…like Frankie’s style.

By the way, I’m not implying that Bois du Portugal was in fact Frank Sinatra’s signature scent like the urban legend/myth says ( or maybe he did, or maybe who the hell cares) considering that this was a release from the house of Creed back in 1987, while “The Voice” was in his 70’s…but hey, never too old to smell like an urban king right?…never too old to enjoy a simple composition of Lavender, citrus and some dreamy woodsy notes that are backed up by that damn exquisite vetiver and lil hints of warm ambergris.

And you know what?…Kudos to Mr. Olivier Creed and family for knowing whats up when it comes to timeless classics…like Ol’ blue eyes surely would have smelled while singing and living the dream, a player in my book…a legend and a true urban myth…surrounded by stories of gambling and success…and some other tough ones as well.


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