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Summer regrets

This is the only small regret we have.

Couple of monts back, after an unplanned visit to our favorite perfume joint, we had a little testing time, i remember clearly the mood we had that day and moment…it was the infamous “i dont care what it is but we aint walking away without a new addition to the scent stash” …so we did come out with a couple of new of them was 27/87 Hamaca…(Le wife’s choice).

Time went by, no vacations for us, work work work…and finally we can take a little time to honor this summer prince (also, today feels like one of those summer days squeezed into the already autumn season)
After all this time…this lil dude has something that has got us hooked…its a very simplistic formula… but fancy simple. Not the average tan lotion type of thing, nope, this thing is a calmed and soothing summer frag…and if you think about it, the name suits perfect…this is the type of feeling you get when you are chilling at a beach house or if you like tropical islands, even better…while swinging in a Hammock or if you “spanish things up”… en una Hamaca.

The blend here to our nose is very straightforward, coconut, vanilla and a bit of imaginative sea vibes…that s it, at times you can also spot the shy accord from sandalwood tho.
So if you want to feel the smooth and tranquil summer mood…look no further, go for the Hamaca and dont be like us, get the big bottle, cuz with the little one you will have a small regret.


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