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You ain’t so Duro

Warning: This post contains some words that may be a bit harshSo buckle up

You have nothing on me Mr Gualtieri!

Being a Spanish native speaker, the word “Duro” can be interpreted as tough, rugged, bulletproof and many others, which can be true, in a sense. I remember years back, when searching the realms of YouTube for interesting frags to explore, every single English speaking reviewer i found, came with the same statement about it, in the lines of “This thing is thru and thru-beginning to end, a bold ruff juice”, and Im pretty sure there was an influence from the word itself, and here is the thing, i don’t think so (of course this is my humble opinion)

@Nasomatto Duro can resemble a dark part of someone’s life if you will (i swear not mine tho)
This thing starts very harsh…you know, slap in the face harsh…like you are still a kid and just start smoking, drinking, street life, fuck it, you name it, the whole nine yard kind of hard, but nothing that someone is forcing you to do, a goddamned choice i must say…ok, maybe a little push from unwanted circumstances, but hopefully you get what Im saying.

At some point, you realise that time has passed, you get older and you have the audacity to tell yourself, Damn son, you’re a beast, you’re so cool! and even if people are shocked by all of it…you just don’t care, cuz you are the man (NOT sarcasm, i swear, ok maybe just a bit)

After a while, you become aware that you are tired of all, that maybe there is something nice in here, something less dark, something beautiful, and guess what, here it comes, after falls, fails, disappointments, frustrations, struggles also, after unthinkable achievements, true love, family life…The beauty of it all comes and makes an entrance, showing that soft side, that gentle core, reminding you that you ain’t that tough after all.

So now, with sweaty eyes, cuz of a deep look back and a sense of redemption (according to the other guy) i can tell you this, Duro start harsh as a mofo with those sharp woody notes, it beat you and your surroundings for a while, like sometimes life does, you thing it will never stop, but it does. It becomes softer, almost melancholic leathery softer, and after a very, and i mean very long life cycle, i must say it again…You have nothing on me Mr. Gualtieri


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