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Crazy times has just went away this passed 2020. It is the first week of January 2021 and here we are struggling with the idea of how we gonna pick our next fragrances to add to our repertoire. It is very important for us to keep this thing honest to ourselves when it comes to acquire a fragrance and not just to pile perfumes that we may review and then left them on the shelf collecting dust and serving as a deco, because at the end of the day, these things are to be used and abused, sounds better “overused”

The search and research is vast, we go all over the internet looking and learning the things that can be learnt online, we take notes, discuss, wonder about it and see if there is anything worth to try/buy. You can also have the chance to go to your local shop or your favourite niche joint to see what s new and what s not, and to that, we agree. But normally when you stand in front of the counter and take the first whiff , you will love it (or not) but hey, you will take a second different one and a third one and so on, and guaranteed that by the time you are done with the day, your olfactory memory will tell you “i dont remember any of this”But wait a second…non f these will ever happen to you if you are in that obsolete category of self controlled people who just goes to a perfume store, try one thing and goes home happy with it…so if you are like us and probably the rest of the world….then we apologise for the interruption to your reading.

Sample stash…some of the things here are untouched…but that is about to change

But what about the samples? we ask this question to ourselves too many times and our own answer is always…what about them? The reason of all this is because samples are a little bit controversial (this is solely our own opinion that applies to our own reality)Some of those controversies are the fact that they don’t contain enough juice to a proper wear and experience (this applies if you get one single sample), as we stated before, we are two people that are involved deep and equally into this activity of perfume collection and we aren’t rich either, so a tiny 1.5ml it is not sufficient to justify a full bottle purchase based on a volatile fume…Maybe we are being a bit harsh, or not?

Little giants with an enormous spirit

Another one is the fact that wether you like it or not, the samples will never, and we say NEVER perform as the big bottles do…for the best or worse or because they are just different. For example, we have laying around samples of Creed Royal Oud, we also own a full bottle of it, and guess what, the sample wears off like three hours before than the big guy , and to that you may say “wait a minute, that sounds obvious”….but nope, not all the time, because we have also from the same house, Green Irish tweed and shockingly, the sample last about two hours more than the bottle, and before we jump into conclusions of how Creed has some inconsistencies with their batches and all that other jazz…we can tell you endless examples of other houses and samples that we have but that would take way too long so just take our word for it.

One last little trouble we wanted to also share with you is the fact that sometimes and depending on how lucky or unlucky you are, you may get those got damn vials with pushed in caps, those god damn lil things. Seriously, if you go for an attar oil, ok, we’ll get that its too thick and it wont come through a tiny hole and that there is a historical and cultural reason but come on!!! Isn’t that a bit cumbersome if applied to an ordinary bright and diluted liquid or we are picky as hell? Let us know

And to finish this story, in a more positive way, without the samples, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to explore aromas as a way to brighten our days in this current situation, as a therapy if you will, we even get the chance to see how our noses are developing and accepting some notes and rejecting others (at least for us) Its true that you wont have a full experience and proper wear and yaddi yadda but to hell with that…we are still here, standing up, breathing and smelling like never before, all these packed in few drops of liquid happiness and aromatic sanity….so to that…thank you samples


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