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Underworld by Christele Jacquemin

One of the things we do at home is to collect bags with different spices so we can train our sense of smell and see if perfume that are supposed to feature a specific note are faithful to what they claim to be/smell
And we thought we knew about cardamom in perfumes
Not even cardamom knew it was cardamom until Underworld was created by photographer/artist/perfumeur Christele Jacquemin

This is a cardamom blast, incredibly potent, spicy and rich.

The opening will make you go to spiceland in a second and it will leave you  there for a while.
A beautiful peppery experience (and please, don’t forget that cardamom is always there)

Few hours later comes patchouli, and something a bit sweet, maybe the carrot seeds? 
We wouldn’t know as we haven’t smelled  carrot seeds, so we are only assuming.
Vetiver is noticeable but more at the end.
The florals, definitely the florals are there. Nuances of white tuberose are noticeable.
There is an incense note listed but never smokey. It’s like a sweet clean resin before is lit by fire.

This is a new and exciting perfume for us and a stellar performer. Trust us when we say that this is a beast mode that projects insanely. We applied three sprays once and it won’t happen again.
We talk 10 plus hour spectacle in our skin. This perfume will probably increase its potency by autumn and winter but now, we will continue learning from it.

What an incredible skill to be able to craft a gem like Underworld from photographer Christèle Jacquemin. An example of artisan perfumery at its finest.

So congratulations Christele and well done for schooling us about spicy perfumes…we thought we knew it all

Notes from the brand:

TOP: Pepper , Cumin, Cardamom

MIDDLE: Carrot, Patchouli, Vetiver

BASE: Tuberose, Mimosa, Incense

Hope you enjoyed and thank you for stopping by.

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