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Lesquendieu -Feu de bengale-

The year of 2021 was a very good year for us as perfume lovers. We had the chance to encounter and try many brands from all over the world and quite frankly, most of them were really good, but some of them were simply outstanding.
It was the case with the house of Lesquendieu and their perfume Feu de Bengale, a perfume that took us by surprise from the very first spray.

To put this in perspective, when it comes to vanilla centered fragrances, we have a little different taste and reception for the note.
Vanilla is one of the favourite notes for Maruša, It would be rare that she didn’t like a perfume that lists the beautiful aroma of a sweet vanilla pod, unless is too sweet and too synthetic.

For myself though, Vanilla is good but not as a main player in a perfume. For that reason i like other stuff, more woodier, spicier and denser ingredients.
But with Feu de Bengale the case was different, it was for both an instant love.
This is a perfume that fills your needs for sweet in a perfect way, by being perfectly balanced and never cloying

The journey through this perfume is great on a paper but amazing on skin.
Here is how we get this perfume (We encourage you to try this and see for yourself but this is surely a “blind buy” material)

To OUR noses this opens with a smell of the most beautiful vanilla pods and tonka beans that are brightened by a juicy mandarin orange and a gorgeous iris that slowly brings the powdery element to this equation and will build up later on.
There are also listed notes of almond, fig and davana but we dont get much of that, In fact, to our noses there isn’t much of a nutty effect as the notes suggested. The fig here comes very jammy and very fresh. Unfortunately we haven’t smelled Davana so we couldn’t tell about that.

The middle of this experience is ambery, flowery, slightly thick and a bit resinous. The iris at this stage is more prominent, resulting in a more powdery effect, a fresh and jammy rose is present as well and as it gets closer to the base, it also shows some dusty and dry facets.
At the end of this journey there is more vanilla, more tonka and some clean and musky bed that sits to the skin and becomes super addictive.
This perfume is highly versatile, unisex and timeless.

The big Gatsby comes to mind when we see the presentations of the bottle and package. Ultra elegant design and logo, topped with a heavy cap that is finished with a 24k gold. All this luxury to contain 75Ml of pure liquid dreams.
Absolutely recommended to everyone.
Lesquendieu is a historical french brand with an incredible story of perseverance and rebirth.

Check our Podcast episode where we talked more in depth about it:

Notes according to the brand:

TOP: Fig, Almond, Davana

MIDDLE: Rose, Iris, Mandarin, Tolu Balsam

BASE: Vanilla, Musc, Tonka bean

Have fun and thank you for stopping by 😊


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