Who We Are

So guys, hear us out cuz this is weird. We are in this very moment sitting and staring at a laptop, trying to get a sense of how we start to tell you about our story…so here it goes.

We are are Daniel & Maruša, one Chilean the other one Slovenian. We are a married couple and we have this “thing” for perfumes, how do you call it?…Passion?…collector?…hobby?…addiction?We call it “all of that” and more.

We are also very passionate about other things. We have done lots of stuff together, things like Motorcycle rides in a storm through the croatian coasts, bodyboarding big swells in Portugal, downhill mountain bike rides, canyoning, etc.

You may think, “oh wow, they are such adrenaline people”…and to that we say NOT ONE BIT

Motorcycle went very well, Bodyboarding ended up almost in tragedy, downhill was terrible, we both felt a couple of times so we ended up that episode very soon, canyoning went fine tho. We also did some aerobics, but Daniel ended up barely walking for months due to a hernia in the lower back, HA! but at least, after all that, we got away alive, which is nice.

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Here was our gorgeous Triumph Bonneville T120 Black serving us well for a photo shooting…We miss you Bonnie

And speaking about life, let’s t go back in time for a moment, years back to a hospital bed in Slovenia where Daniel ended up in a “horizontal mode” due to some health issues and in critical condition. So where does Maruša fit you may ask? Well, she was the surgeon that came to save the day.

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Here we are, the sick and the queen, Daniel & Maruša

Not your typical love story, just the good beautiful doctor seduced by a full time filmmaker/photographer/editor/dreamer chilean dude in a Slovenian hospital.

After that, things went pretty much as fast as you can imagine, dating, love, plans, ups and downs, marriage, projects and so on and years later, here we are, standing in front of a laptop going the first stage of this writing as fast a downhill ride to tell you a little bit of us.

Here is us the day we tied the knot, at the roof top of a hotel in front of the Adriatic sea…it was epic and hot, very hot


We also work together doing visual projects, we combine Films and Photography in many forms, we work tons of wedding films and photos, mostly wedding destinations around Europe but also in Slovenia. We also do lots medical films, we go into OR’s to film surgeries so people can see different procedures and all that stuff. We have done music videos, documentary work, and even horror film projects, you name it, we like that kind of stuff deeply.

Music wise, we love variety of things, from bebop Jazz, Bossa Nova, Hip Hop, and depending on the mood, even death metal has a place in some of our playlists (Daniel’s playlist to be honest cuz Maruša can’t stand it)

So, now let us tell you about where this whole Fragrance love started?

Our journey with perfumes started long time ago when we were introduced to the first glimpses of what this story would turn out to be, you know, that first cologne as a teen, or that first spray as a trouble kid while “borrowing” a perfume from a relative…or the first serious full bottle purchase…whatever, you get the idea.

For me the first encounter with the realm of scents was while being a lil prick…5-6 years old and taking a sip from a bottle of Brut Faberge, (yep told you i was a lil prick) at least that breath was fancy for a 5 year old. As for the normal use of fragrances, my first ever “WOAH” feeling after a whiff, was when i got into an uncle’s travel bag (he was living in Paris and came for a visit in Chile) and managed to squeeze a spray from a bottle of Trussardi Uomo…if you know, you know…love at first sniff at the age of 9.

But to make things short:

Azzaro pour homme: 13 year old bday gift

Drakkar noir: 14 Year old bday gift

Tsar: 15 year old bday gift

And like that, BANG!…My first ever purchase of a fragrance at the age of 16, and still probably the most relevant (every single friend, and i mean EVERY SINGLE ONE, wanted to smell it, wanted to have it, but considering that in Chile (by that time and place), buying a bottle of premium juice, meant you were either rich or just crazy to spend such money, but not for me, not for a middle class spoiled kid….making all the efforts to collect money here and money there (Mom gave me most of the cash missing to make the purchase….so THANKS MOM!!), just to get a 100ml bottle and share the hell out of it with a group of 10 plus other kids….so yes, Thank you YSL…you gave me JAZZ and you got a special spot in my and many other’s hearts, and of course, few lines of full recognition in this blog!….Tru dat!…All together, 5 bottles of that black and white container of dreams…you almost got me broke Saint Laurent!

Anyways, to end up the list, my first ever office scent and probably the only one, cuz shirt and tie was just an episode in my life back in the days, the fragrance of choice was Very Valentino…yep, nutmeg madness.

So where does all that lead us to the niche pandemonium?….well well well, years passed, the list got all over the place…Kenzo, CH, Dior, some more YSL, basically whatever had a designer name on it and had a mass appeal DNA. Until that one new year’s eve…meeting a super cool dude and his wife at a dinner. He happened to be married to a girl who worked in some fancy fragrance shop in Switzerland, he was Swiss, she was Slovenian, we talked hours that evening and when we said goodbye, he said to me…”Daniel, here is this little gift, from us to you, so you remember us”…. and there it was, a bottle of Silver Mountain Water. That was it, “Niche” joined the game and came to stay.

It was a 50ml bottle, made it last like it was a flacon size bottle, the reason was because at that time, to find niche fragrances in Slovenia, it was just impossible.


My perfume story started little bit later, at 5 years old i had no clue what a perfume really is. I was more into the games, outdoor world, skiing and watching surgical procedures on a rare TV channel called TV Koper. Jep, weirda

 Being a young girl in Slovenia, at that time actually we were still a part of Yugoslavia with Tito as a country leader, perfumes were not something we had a chance to experience so often. I was lucky to travel to Austria and Italy with my mom and that was the time of my first encounter with fragrance world, for me as s teenage girl LOU LOU by Cacharel was “THE” perfume, sweet, punchy, with its very famous bottle shape and colour, i was using a tone of it, like i still do with many of my perfumes nowadays. Learning the hard lesson that sometimes you can almost choke someone in a closed tiny space if you overspray some specific fragrances.

On the trip to Spain while finishing the High school and while visiting duty free shops, i discovered that there are many other great smells out there in the world. I remember how lovely VANDERBILT by Gloria Vanderbilt perfumes was for my nose.

Later on, while I was studying at the University in Ljubljana, more and more options were coming also to our country. I was saving from my scholarship to grab some other great scents. Fragrances like POISON and DOLCE VITA from the house of Dior, some CHANEL juices also made my list as TRESOR by LANCOME and ELIE SAAB perfumes as well.

Years later, on the trips all over Europe with my husband, i discovered the world of niche fragrances. That was something else, pure joy for my nose, my brain, my overall mood.

No matter what i do, spending time with my family, doing my surgical work or filming and photographing, going around casually or fancy, doing sports, or just doing nothing, i just love to be enveloped by gorgeous olfactory notes, the way they change while time is passing.

Im in love with amber, vanilla, citruses, coconut, fig leaf, suede…and so many others.

And im glad that there is so much more to be discovered, me and my husband, partners in life, in work, and in the fragrance world as well.


So back to our story…we decided to start travelling around Europe and looking for Niche perfume joints, crazy times we have to say, not sure if you ever experience this stuff, we are absolutely sure you did, because we are all cursed by it, we are doomed by the scent at that initial point. So we just went with no breaks buying stuff, too many of them. We went from one Royal Oud and one Royal Princess Oud, to a whole lot of different stuff, Xerjoff, Profumum Roma, Frederic Malle, Armani prive, Amouages, like we said before, too many things at once.

No BS!, we went in one day to Vienna and walked hours, from one perfume shop to another, just buying bottles….by the time we were done, we were like, “babe….we can still make it in time to Zagreb and get to that shop we saw online”, so you know the rest, driving like crazy to get to that final store before they close (and we did by the way) By the time we got back home, we had our feet demolished and bags full of barely smelled liquid glory, and still energy to start smelling the enormous amount of samples that we got with the mega purchases, even worse, if the sample smelled alright, we would comment “next time, we get it too” (We told you…insane beginning), and at the end, a sense of emptiness and a huge regret for spending unnecessary money.

Part of our goodies (Photo we made for a project in collaboration with Ikona Art Perfumery, our main source of niche fragrances and to be honest, the best one in Slovenia

But that had a turn….a big turn…as we were still in connection with fragrances….we were still in love with few scents, but not all of them….we figured that most of the perfumes that we loved, they had a huge connection to specific moments, stuff we did while wearing a specific juice, outfits that were glowing while spraying a scent of the day and even perfumes linked to meaningful conversations…so we got rid of half of our “forced” collection and we started focusing on the scents that we really love….the ones that had an impact in our life as a married couple and as individuals. Hell on earth!!! we got rid of goodies that by the time were also kinda boring and others were too much for our untrained noses….and NO, we don’t have a PHD in molecule tracing of any sort, so we wont try to talk notes in depth but more like an overall description type of thing and how we feel about them.

So back to the goodies that we got rid off and sometimes we feel regret as well.

The main ones being Honour and Memoir man, Silver Musk, Vetiver Extraordinaire, Naxos, Opera, Iris Tubereuse, Orange sanguine, Uden, Antico caruso and many many more…so lesson learned…for now.

At the moment, if we acquire a fragrance, means that we already sampled it, we took the time to wear it, to feel it, to like it and love it. Love at first sniff still happens but not too often and when it does, it is special and it usually becomes a part of our collection…and not just a trophy.

You see?…We are still in front of the laptop, but fully entertained…and you?…Feeling the same way??

So, to end up this write up, we concluded that after all this time collecting fragrances, wearing them and feeling super special about it, it was our mission to get creative and make our bottles looks the same way as we feel…”amazing”. We try to achieve this by using our photography and video style, we put our best to make it happen and we really really enjoy the process…so yeah, we are niche fragrance junkies with cameras basically 🙂

We call ourselves the way you already know “Feelings from a blurry note”…isn’t that cool?

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Another selfie style shot…while scouting locations in Murska Sobota (northeast Slovenia)

OK, OK, this has been a little too long, we get it, you have to go and check other stuff or maybe you just want to go and see some of our perfume visual content…who knows right?…but on a serious note, we just want to tell you that we are very happy to have you stopping by, we are more than thankful for your support and love by visiting us here, on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc…and we are more than honoured to share with you any tips or tricks related to niche perfumery or if you wanna just drop us a “Hello”, that will do too.

In the meantime…be safe and let’s connect!

-Daniel & Maruša-

“Feelings from a blurry note”